How much do you invest? And for how much stake?

VIA only serves as a platform to connect entrepreneurs with investors. If one of our council members is interested in your business, he/she will discuss investment opportunities with you separately.

How do we apply? What is the selection process like?

Please refer to our Pitch section for more information.

Which sectors are you particularly interested in?

TMT, IT, Healthcare, Cleantech, Financial Technology and more. If you are so amazing that you are creating a completely new and uncharted territory then we would love to hear from you too!

Do we need to write a business plan? If so what should we include in it?

When you submit your application it is good to attach a simple business plan, in which you may wish to address the following points: market outlook, your product, competitors, your team, your vision, etc.

If you make it to the presentation stage, a PPT presentation is in general recommended.

Can I apply as a single person?

There is nothing to stop you from applying, but according to our experience no single person, no matter how smart or competent, can manage all the tasks in a business, so find yourself an awesome team!

Do we have to be HK citizens?

We welcome entrepreneurs of all nationalities. The only criterion is that you have chosen Hong Kong to base your business.

Is there an age requirement?

We welcome entrepreneurs of all age – it’s never too early or too late to pursue your dream!

Do we need a complete and mature product when we apply?

We have funded companies from early stage (prototype) to late stage (profitable) so we are relatively stage agnostic. We understand that your initial product will have flaws but we are more interested to hear about your plans with a very clear vision about where the company is heading to improve on such imperfection.